Alvaro Duran


I started using Python when I was a data scientist, but quickly found out that what I like the most is building software for others to use. Hence, most of the stuff I've learned over the years has to do with optimizing software from the point of view of the user.

I am a developer with a unique blend of expertise in finance, software engineering, and data. When I'm building software, my mind veers towards thorough testing and expressive code. That's why I love Python!

When not in front of the keyboard, I'm often found reading voraciously, near a pizza shop, or traveling. I may come across as too serious, but if you come bearing funny memes, or cookies, I can't help smiling.

Pyments: How To Design Payment Applications In Python Talk

English language

Alvaro Duran

Payments are a massive part of how the world works. But most engineers know very little about it.

That’s sad, because, as more and more of business happens online, there’s an increasing demand for payment applications that are scalable, and maintainable.

Besides, Python is a great programming language to build payment applications!

It is very interoperable, has a thriving open source community, and even non-engineers can contribute significantly to software built with it. In payments, readability counts, too!

In this talk, we’re going to dive deep into how to build money software effectively. You’ll learn why Python and payments are a match made in heaven, and how to leverage the language to build your own payment applications, in-house, fast, and effectively.

That way, you’ll cut some intermediaries in the process, saving your company a lot of money. It is no wonder why software engineers that can build payment applications are in high demand, they can point to their code and say “that prints money”.

The outline of the talk is:

Shut Up And Take My Money - Python is the Perfect Payments Language (5min)

Data-classes, Composition and A Chain of Responsibility (5-10min)

Unification, and the Anti-corruption Layer (5min)

Hand over Fist - Debugging Payment Applications (5min)

Outro - Every Company is a Payments Company (<5min)