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What am I paying for?


The conference takes place at the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies (Slovak University of Technology)

Venue is in new building and have well equipped and pleasant auditoriums and lobbies. The first PyCon SK was one of the first conferences in this auditorium!

Speakers and Lecturers

Our speakers are the best. And they do it for free! However, sometimes we have to cover their travel budget as well as ticket price.

Expenses for flight tickets and hotel in Bratislava are a big part of our budget. We also cover all the costs of recording and releasing all of the talks.

Community & Inclusion

PyCon is a special type of conference - it is organised by the community for the community.

We are trying to make PyCon SK accessible even to those who have limited financial resources. If you cannot afford to buy a ticket to the conference or pay for travel or accommodation, ask for financial assistance through the form. Tell us more about your motivation to attend PyCon SK and we'll inform you about the approval of the financial aid in advance.

Financial Aid Form


Afraid of falling asleep during a talk? Don't worry, we have your back with our all-you-can-drink coffee, tea and water.

We will have two professional baristas serving fresh coffee and tea all day long. Water fountains will be available on multiple spots in the lobby.


During all three days, a variety of warm food will be served for lunch

Meat and vegetarian alternatives will be available.

We also try to be as eco friendly as possible, and so we serve food on ceramic plates, eat with metal cutlery and drink water from reusable plastic bottles.

Real Conference Ticket Price

The real price of one conference ticket would be much higher had it not been for our sponsors and partners, thanks to whom we can afford to sell cheaper tickets.

Without sponsors and partners all tickets would be less affordable and this price still does not include the enormous amount of volunteer work, which is done by the Python commnity before and during each PyCon.


PyCon is going as green as possible. This is why we decided to avoid distributing physical swag bags with items that are not really needed or wanted.

Popular PyCon t-shirts will only be available for purchase as part of the Community Supporter ticket to ensure they only reach those who really want them. Thanks to the higher price of t-shirts, we will be able to choose better quality material that will last longer and won’t end as another unnecessary waste.

Overall, our goal is to be as zero-waste as possible. Help us in our initiative and bring your reusable water bottles and coffee cups!

Beginner's track

PyCon is not just for experienced programmers, our aim is to spread knowledge, promote the Python programming language and create a diverse, supportive community where all members can learn from each other and develop together.

That's why we offer those interested in programming who have little experience the opportunity to attend lectures and workshops where they learn the basics of Python.

Health and safety guidelines at the conference

Our goal is to create a safe environment at the conference venue and prevent the spread of respiratory diseases. Although there are currently (January 2024) no event capacity restrictions in Slovakia, we advise participants to have up-to-date vaccinations. We expect attendees to be considerate to others and self-isolate in case of any respiratory disease symptoms. Further health and safety guidelines may be announced based on public regulations or the current pandemic situation.