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Travelling to Bratislava

Bratislava is one of the youngest capitals in Europe, and also one of the smallest. Despite this, it has a rich history of a free royal coronation town of Pressburg and offers multiple opportunities how to spend time there. Bratislava has a unique location, it is the only capital in the world located on the border of three countries.Today, Bratislava is a major transport hub in Central Europe, and there are plenty possibilities of getting here.

By air

If you are travelling to Bratislava, you can fly to the Bratislava airport (airport code: BTS) or the Vienna airport (airport code: VIE). The Vienna airport has considerably better offer of flights.

From Bratislava airport you can take a taxi (use the phone, it's cheaper), or take the bus #61 and then change to bus #39 at the Bajkalska station. Get off the bus at the station ZOO and simply follow the PyCon stickers up to the hill to the university campus.

If you travel via Vienna airport, there are direct and cheap bus connections from early morning till midnight. One way ticket costs about 8 EUR and if you buy in advance, the ticket may be considerably cheaper. There are airport shuttle buses between Vienna airport and Bratislava.

By car

  • Arriving from Vienna, choose the direction Schwechat on A4 highway, then turn to highway A6 leading to Bratislava. After crossing the border you will soon enter Bratislava, then follow the direction Praha/Brno. Right after crossing the river of Danube leave the highway and follow the road along the highway. After several hundreds of meters you will get to the crossroad where you should turn left and cross the highway you have left a minute ago. After the bridge there is another crossroad where you turn right and immediately turn slightly left up the hill towards the university campus.
  • From Budapest, take the highway M1 heading to Gyor, follow this route until you see signs for highway M15 heading to Slovakia and Bratislava. After crossing the border follow the direction Praha or Brno according to instructions above.
  • If you drive from Prague, take the highway D1 to Brno, once in Brno take the highway D2 heading to Slovakia and Bratislava. After arriving to Bratislava follow the highway and leave it at the exit Mlynska dolina after passing the tunnel. Be cautious, the exit is located right after the tunnel, so you should stay in the right lane while in tunnel.
  • From eastern and southern Poland choose your way to Katowice. From there follow the road to Cadca, Slovakia. Follow the road all the way to Zilina, then switch to the highway D1 to Bratislava. After arriving to Bratislava, you should pass the river of Danube twice following the direction Praha/Brno, then leave the highway following the instructions above.

By bus

All neighbouring capital cities Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw and Kyiv have direct bus connections.

Most of the buses will bring you to the main bus station - Mlynske Nivy. Leave the area towards the blue oval building VUB (next to the building with BMW logo) where you find the station of city bus lines.

By train

All neighboring capital cities Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw and Kyiv have direct train connections.

Once you arrive at the Bratislava train station (Bratislava hlavná stanica), leave the station through the main entrance. In front of the building, there are bus and tram stops. We recommend you to take the bus number 32 to the station ZOO. If you plan to use city lines more often, we recommend you to check the website for more information about the prices or the lines.


There are plenty of opportunities for accommodation in Bratislava. From coach surfing, Airbnb to hostels and five star hotels. Even though it is not the main tourist season, we advise you to book your accommodations in advance.


Bratislava offers much more than just PyCon. If you decide to stay in Bratislava a few days longer, have a look at M_P_ BA (alternative map of Bratislava) which lists popular attractions as well as unusual destinations within the city. Check out peoples' comments to find out about each location or event.

Or you can review the official city guide for visitors, where you can also find other events that are happening in Bratislava.