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Principal Software Engineer for search/recommendations/item page at Allegro.

On the side: photographs, runs, wanders from one concert to another and from one hill to another, too. Plays drums occasionally

GIL: What's the hassle and... should I care? Talk

English language

Jacek Kołodziej

GIL often appears as a scary, obscure *gizmo*. Misunderstanding this aspect of Python may lead to *suboptimal architectural choices*. I invite you to see my attempt at explaining the GIL and its implications, as well as providing pointers for **how to deal with the GIL** in specific situations.

There have been (and still are), of course, attempts to get around the GIL - or *get rid of it* altogether. I hope to give some light to these works.

By providing a comprehensive overview of today's GIL in CPython, this presentation aims to help make **better design choices** - be it choosing a concurrency/parallelism model, Python implementation to use - or even whether or not to drop. Python entirely.