Jeroen Overschie


Jeroen is a Machine Learning Engineer at Xebia Data (formerly GoDataDriven), in The Netherlands. Jeroen has a background in Software Engineering and Data Science and helps companies take their Machine Learning solutions into production.

Besides his usual work, Jeroen has been active in the Open Source community. Jeroen published several PyPi modules, npm modules, and has contributed to several large open source projects (Hydra from Facebook and Emberfire from Google). Jeroen also authored two chrome extensions, which are published on the web store.

Are you ready for MLOps? Talk

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Jeroen Overschie

MLOps has survived the hype cycle and is gaining in maturity. But are we looking at MLOps for answers for the _right things_?

No matter how valuable MLOps can be for you, without proper building blocks in place MLOps cannot live up to its full potential. What are the prerequisites for MLOps? What parts of MLOps should you focus on? When should you even start thinking about MLOps, or when is ‘plain’ DevOps wiser to focus on first? Join us in this session to learn more!