Márton Kodok


Márton is a Google Developer Expert on Cloud, a Champion in the Cloud Innovator program, top romanian user on Stackoverflow. Active contributor for open-source solutions like Beanstalkd console, and Riak admin interface. Conference speaker and writer about BigQuery, Cloud Run, Vertex AI.

Márton Kodok is a Senior Software Architect at, where he creates backend systems for web/mobile and contributes to design, scale and orchestrate them to serve millions of users by using Google Cloud.

Outside coding, Márton hikes mountains with family, engages in civic matters, and monitors electromobility, construction, and public administration. His aspiration is relentless pursuit of knowledge.

Build applications with generative AI on Google Cloud Talk

English language

Márton Kodok

We will explore Vertex AI - Model Garden powered experiences, we are going to learn more about the integration of these generative AI APIs. We are going to see in action what the Gemini family of generative models are for developers to build and deploy AI-driven applications. Vertex AI includes a suite of foundation models, these are referred to as the PaLM and Gemini family of generative ai models, and they come in different versions.

We are going to cover how to use via API to:

- execute prompts in text and chat

- cover multimodal use cases with image prompts.

- finetune and distill to improve knowledge domains

- run function calls with foundation models to optimize them for specific tasks.

At the end of the session, developers will understand how to innovate with generative AI and develop apps using the generative ai industry trends.