Peter Steiner


Senior IT professional with over 10 years experience working on very large enterprise global environments including 200k+ devices and 10k+ users. Various expertise as developer and lead for data engineering projects. Experienced in design and building ETL data pipelines (DWH/DataLake), monitoring/reporting solutions for of large-scale environments

Data Engineering Story Talk

English language

Peter Steiner

From Data Engineering at Takeda to Revolutionizing Real Estate Search: A Journey of Innovation and Impact.

Join me on an inspiring journey that traces my evolution from a Data Engineer at Takeda to the founder of a successful real estate search startup "" with a thriving user base. In this presentation, I will share key milestones, challenges, and lessons learned during my transformational experience in the world of data engineering.

We'll delve into the intricacies of my work at Takeda, where I honed my skills in data processing, integration, and analysis. Discover how these foundational experiences laid the groundwork for my entrepreneurial venture into the real estate tech landscape.

The narrative will unfold as I navigate the dynamic landscape of data, engineering, and entrepreneurship. Learn about the pivotal moments that shaped my approach to problem-solving, innovation, and collaboration, ultimately leading to the creation of that has captured the attention of thousands of users.