Sara Jakša


At day, I am a software engineer with the main focus on working on third party integrations for our product. At night, I like to play around with technologies connected to IndieWeb, fanfiction or analysing data to answer questions connected to my interest, let this be book reading, movie watching, personality, queer questions or more.

The different types of API authentications: the stories from the trenches of third party integrations Talk

English language

Sara Jakša

APIs are one of the way we are using to communicate between different systems and services. And one of the important components of this system is figuring out, if who is trying to access it and if they are allowed to do this. In this talk I want to talk about the different types of API authentications, that I had seen in the wild as part of my work. We will go through the standard ones, like basic authentication, API Keys and OAuth, but I will also did a quick mention of digest authentication, SOAP, documentation, bit-wise magic and security and legal considerations, all with a short anecdote.