Tvrtko Sternak


I am currently working as a Python developer at airt. In the past three years, I have gained valuable experience in the industry, including a year working on a microservice product that uses Apache Kafka for communication between services.

I am a strong believer in the power of open source software, and I enjoy learning from the open source community. My interests in the field at the moment include machine learning, model deployment, Apache Kafka, and advanced Python programming.

Decoding FastStream: A Deeper Dive into the Event Streaming Library Talk

English language

Tvrtko Sternak

FastStream simplifies the development of services communicating over event streams such as Apache Kafka, Redis and Nats. In our talk, we introduce its origin, basics, and delve into advanced features. Past talks raised awareness; this year, we are slowly shifting focus on technical nuances—implementation details and the development environment—to inspire developers and improve open source contributions.