Part of the motivation for PyCon SK is to help with Python education and advocacy in Slovakia and around the world. Accordingly, we intend to record all PyCon SK presentations and live stream and release the recordings on the web. See the for one such venue.

By submitting your talk or workshop proposal, or by signing up to give a lightning talk, you agree to give permission to SPy o.z. to record, edit, and release the audio and/or video of your presentation. We might also perform interviews with poster presenters or attendees and require recording releases to publish them.

You agree to the following legalese, which certifies that you are the author of your presentation (or otherwise allowed to present it at PyCon), and which allows SPy o.z. 1) to perform the necessary audio and video editing needed to prepare your presentation, and 2) to distribute the recordings to other people, including on YouTube, or video sites. Released under the CC-BY license. It also allows other people to watch the recordings.


I certify that I, the Submitter, am authorized to license this proposal and its associated presentation (the "User Submission") to SPy o.z. for use in association with PyCon SK 2024.


  • I, the Submitter, certify that I am the creator (and own the copyright) of the User Submission.
  • I, the Submitter, hereby grant SPy o.z. the permission to publish the User Submission and its audio/video recordings under the CC-BY license.
  • I, the Submitter, specifically affirm the right to perform the User Submissions on SPy o.z. web sites or on other web sites designated by the PSF (including, but not necessarily limited to YouTube).

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