Mykalin Jones


I am a Particle Physicist-turned-Data Analyst with over a decade of teaching experience. I have written curricula for various topics including Python for Children, The Basics of Python, Intermediate Python, and Data Science for Beginners. I provide individual and group classes on all of these topics as well as maths, science, and standardized test prep. I am currently based in France, but I especially enjoy traveling as much as possible and discovering different cultures and languages.

Teaching Children Python - What Works? Talk

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Mykalin Jones

Have you ever tried to teach your kids programming? Do you have friends trying to learn as an adult? Have you ever wondered if you would have been better off learning to code earlier in life? The push for more people to learn to code has caused an explosion in the educational industry. Boot camps and certification programs of dramatically varying quality have emerged in nearly every corner of the world. These programs are often accompanied by lofty claims and promises. Children have been no exception to this, as more and more companies attempt to capitalize on the claim that children should start learning early because it's "like learning a language". However, research suggests that this might not be the most solid argument. What benefits are there in teaching them early? How do children acquire programming knowledge? How does our language around the concepts affect their understanding? Can the answer to these questions inform how we teach adults coming in from non-STEM fields? This talk will focus on these questions by presenting the current data we have, in conjunction with anecdotal evidence from sessions with children who code in Python.